Bug Toast plays closing night of the
"Land Art Show" at Blackfish Gallery: Friday, August 26, 7:30pm.  Tickets (sliding scale) at the door.  Bug Toast presents our new body of work,"Get It Within It," and will be our first live gig since the pandemic!

Bug Toast DEMO 2022

bug toast performs

"Many Hands" by Christopher Shotola-Hardt. "Many hands make light work." The guizouk is in constant, energetic motion throughout the whole piece, beckoning the other instruments to join the heavy work, which can end in hope, if we all join in together. The voices included are some of Christopher's heroes, and they lay out the themes of the mindsets we should expect of ourselves, if we are to fight for the survival of humanity and the planet. In order: Thich Nhat Hanh, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela, MLK, Delores Huerta, Gandhi, Mister Rogers, César Chávez, Jane Goodall.

bug toast was the opening act on INDIE MUSIC NIGHT for the Be About Love VIRTUAL Festival.

We debuted six pieces from our 2020 album Be About Love:

* Get Up!

* Garden Song

* World Swirls

* Let Go of the Heavy

* Many Hands

* Prayer

Enjoy the video of our live performance!