Bug Toast 2018

Bug Toast defies categorization, playing original, genre-bending, world-influenced, progressive folk on bouzouki, accordion, guitar, bass, violin, and percussion, with textured instrumentation, vocal harmonies and interesting time signatures.  Blended from two musical families, the combination of brothers, father/brother/daughter plus husband makes for familial yet unfamiliar music.  The group creates the arrangements together, creating richly textured, interwoven pieces with careful attention to counterpoint, voicing, harmonies, and rhythms.

Bug Toast is excited to be a part of the dynamic, innovative, and well-renown music scene in Portland, Oregon. While the percussionists have moved on in 2017 to pursue other projects, the melodic instrumentalists have forged ahead with new projects, performances, and recordings.

 Bug Toast 2010Dave Andrews, guitar, violin, guizouk, bass, mandolin, vocals
Robert Shotola, percussion, vibes
Susanne Shotola-Hardt, accordion, vocals
Bob Shotola, drums
Mark Andrews, bass, guitar, guizouk, vocals
Christopher Shotola-Hardt, guizouk, Irish bouzouki, bass, cello, vocals
Adrian Hardt (on Picture This: A Blackfish Oratorio) electronics, sound & sample design, ukelele

Bob Shotola, drums
Bob was the drummer for the earliest configuration of Bug Toast. He is featured on our “Larval Stages” album. Bob rejoined the band in 2010 after a 15-year hiatus.  He is featured on our “Compound Eyes” album.  He is currently pursuing other projects and is a frequent show drummer for musical theatre for various Portland, Oregon theatre companies.


Newly moved to Portland, Oregon from Chicago, Dave met Susanne in graduate school and soon after lamented to her how he missed playing in his old band.   Susanne invited him to come jam with her band The B’Jeezus (with husband Christopher, Joe Walker, and Bob Thompson).  Dave joined the group.  That was 1992.  A drummer change one year later brought Susanne’s brother Bob into the mix, and the band was renamed Mind Gulp. Mind Gulp played frequently at the Ash Street Saloon, but Mark’s Hawthorne Pub became the band’s home bar.  Brother Bob moved to the exurbs and became Farmer Bob two years later, and the three-hour round trip just to rehearse swallowed the group up.

Dave, Susanne, and Christopher stuck together as a trio and became Bug Toast. Musical artist and music promoter Billy Kennedy heard them at an open mic at The Laurelthirst and took them under his wing, promoting them for performances at The Green Room, Rock Creek Tavern, Snake & Weasel, and The Mad Hatter Lounge, where they played two to four times a month.  In 1999, after moving out to Portland from DeKalb, Illinois, Dave’s brother Mark became the Bug Toast bassist.  Then in 2001, Susanne’s father Robert joined the band as percussionist.  Brother Bob returned as the group’s drummer in 2010.

In 2017, Bug Toast returned to being a progressive-folk quartet without percussion.