MigrationMIGRATION: Bug Toast’s 2010 release features original, world-influenced, progressive folk music. As one might expect from Bug Toast, this CD spans vast musical terrain. The seven instrumentals will take you from a pensive mood (“Going Home”), or minimalist state of mind (“The Upper Bunk,” “Super Long Cowboy”) to the Mediterranean-atmospheric “Veranda,” and back to a place in Toastyland (is it Hollywood or the Middle East?). Two fiddle songs (“J’Celti” and “Susie’s Reel”) once again grace the spectrum. The four vocal songs will take you from the clouds (Migration) to a place unknown (“Take Heed”), and finally back to rest at 2:00 AM in the empty pub (“Easy”). Bug Toast thanks the guest artist support (Alan Ames, Stephen Cohen, and Ken Brewer), our families, and the Toasty fans for waiting so long for our second full-length release (we promise you won’t have to wait as long for the next)!! ENJOY!

credits – released 25 May 2010.
Six-Legged Music. All songs by Bug Toast.

Produced by Bug Toast. Engineered by Ken Brewer & Dean Baskerville.Migration - Bug Toast

Recorded at Studio 909 & Jackpot Recording Studio, both of Portland, Oregon.



The full-length CD debut by Portland, Oregon’s progressive-folk quintet Bug Toast.  Specimens features an ecclectic blend of songs and instrumental compositions, with flavors from around the world. Accordion, bouzouki, guitar, bass, violin, and percussion create textured instrumentation.Specimens

Six-Legged Music, 2004, BMI.

All songs by Bug Toast.

Produced by Bug Toast. Engineered by Ken Brewer.  Recorded at Studio 909, Portland, Oregon.

Specimens - Bug Toast



Larval StagesLARVAL STAGES (EP): Larval Stages revisits selections from demo recordings (1994 and 1997) by two previous configurations of the band that became
Bug Toast.

“Sad World,” “Through the Skies,” and “You Are God” were originally included in the recording Mind Gulp, recorded at Cave Studio, Portland, OR, in December 1994. Engineered by Brian Jones.

“Lars” and “Bug Toast” were recorded by the Bug Toast trio at Desitrek Studio, Portland, OR, in November 1997. Engineered by Michael Demmers.

This 2008 release was digitally re-mastered by Ken Brewer at Studio 909, Portland, Oregon.

Six-Legged Music, 2008, BMI.

All songs by Bug Toast.