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“RECOMMENDED: Although not the most appealing-sounding of foods, this is a polished Portland band with influences from around the world. Topics ranging from Oedipus to reality television are examined through eclectic songs with unusual time signatures. Check them out for a taste of something different.”
— The Oregonian

“RECOMMENDED: Intelligent pop with a world music influence.”

— The Oregonian


“RECOMMENDED: An odd mix of instruments results in a pleasing sound from this band.”
— The Oregonian


“Peculiar, Original, and Brilliant…
Bug Toast, above all else, is one of the most enchanting and peculiar bands of the Portland scene. Peculiar and upbeat songs such as “Slicker” and “ZaZaZa” contrast with dark and creepy pieces such as “Reality-V” and “Oedipus Takes His Own Eyes”. What really stands out for me are the group’s instrumental pieces. “Almost Knew You”, “Into the Temple” and especially “Opa!” must be heard. This band’s sound is original without being too artsy for inaccessibility. I highly recommend this album for anyone who rates music not by its popularity or genre, but by its musicality.”
Our Cherished Folly


“… just when a mellow mélange of Celtic misty moors melds with the sandy Serengeti, sparkled with Egyptian women wearing green and gold circling Greek men dancing in red and white, and it’s two thousand years ago except that cool jazz is nifty ‘fifties, the vocal presentations bring you back to the here and now… From a shopping basket of centuries and continents, Bug Toast assembles an impressive array of rhythmic complexity… measures in 5 beats, then 6, now 7 and suddenly layer of cross-rhythms…”
— David & Constance Ewing
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“Quirky World Pop.” –Lisa Lepine, Portland music promoter


“Intellectual Bohemian.” — June Howell, Portland jazz & blues artist


“Mediterranian Pink Floyd.” — Matty Jeronimo, The Ruffled Feathers (Vancouver, BC)


“Post-modern pastiche.” — RS


“Bug Toast transports you to other worlds.” –Stephen Cohen, nationally-acclaimed singer-song writer, recording artist & performer